Hello to you  from your captain JD,

Hope you are well and kicking the bad days out, life is the most precious thing we have and we have to enjoy each minute of it.

I’m here to asked you a little favor, I know that you had with your crew a marvelous experience on my boat and I would like you to help me build the best fan page ever.

What I need from you will take only 2 minutes of your time and it will be the most beautiful thing for me and all you fans out there.

I need 3 to 4 pictures of you and your crew, the ones you prefer and a few lines of text telling how much fun you had on the boat, this will make me create fans page and hopping that it will become the most popular one on the web.

Do this for me and I’m giving you in return 10% discount on your next cruise plus a bottle of Champagne on the boat to celebrate life ! If for you it’s impossible to come this year or next year.

I will make a draw at the end of the season of a $500.00 gift certificate on a Mastercard prepaid card for the ones that will send me good stuff promoting my page !

Please send it directly to my email

Thank you for helping me,  this will be the best gift for me.


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